Our Story

Taking a look at the world from Nishant's lens

our story

Growing up in Mussoorie, Nishant has always been inspired by the beautiful landscape and the meandering roads and resonated with newness at every turn.

While learning the art of fashion designing, his surroundings moved him to experiment with styles and the latest fashion trends.

His interest in designing brought out his inherent artisan. After successfully creating his own fashion label and consulting and sourcing for brands across the globe, he continued to redefine fashion.

Soon after, Nishant started working relentlessly to create an eco-friendly resort. Nishant loves building with a purpose.

His inquisitiveness has given him the gift of knowing what works and what doesn’t. And now, he is busy carving a path towards building a society for the most vulnerable lot, he is sensitive and over-protected when it comes to intellectually-disabled kids and young adults, and his vision is to work towards upliftment of Young adults with special needs who are coming from marginalized backgrounds by providing them with resources.

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