Nichealt presents Nishantam STAYS, inspired by daily life and aims to develop ideas that are in harmony with nature.


Built on the bricks of Sustainability and Inclusivity

Nichealt is empowered by the experiences of Nishantam which cherishes eco-friendly homestays to thriving resorts.

Embracing the earth and all its wonders, we've always been drawn back to our roots. So when the rain dances and the earth sings its sweet aroma, we want to preserve that natural essence and not sacrifice it for anything artificial or processed.

With minimalistic design and environmental sensitivity at the forefront, we handpicked local organic resources to build our stays. From the rocks to the trees, to the raw walls and untainted planks, every aspect was crafted with care and respect for nature's beauty.

Local artisans were invited to join us on this journey, adding their touch of individuality and skill to each room. No two rooms are alike, each one is a unique reflection of you. We realize mindsets, experiences, talents are varied for every single human being.

resort consultancy

Why Nichealt? Backed by years of doing the groundwork for several entrepreneurs. Nichealt has designed numerous resorts across geographies and ensured profitable operability, creating a wealth-generating asset for business owners.

Nishantam builds around the natural landscape, preserving the rocks, step fields, trees and our natural inheritance.


We help identify the land and go the extra mile, dig deep to ensure the right location.


Nichealt excels at giving shape to your ideas with utmost care and attention to detail. We spearhead eco-friendly designs to offer an unparalleled retreat to the end-user.


We leave no stone unturned, from licensing to other documentation to leading operations at resorts.

Happy to help with your project - please do not hesitate to contact us

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